You’ve probably tried all the tips and tricks for generating leads recommended by all of the social media gurus.

Feel burnt out from trying to keep up with the social media algorithm.

Are tired of spending hours recording and editing reels to only get five plays.

Feel overwhelmed with the social media rules constantly changing…are hashtags dead or alive? 

No longer enjoy planning your social media content since, more often than not, your content isn’t reaching your ideal clients resulting in infrequent or non-existent lead generation.

there is a way to simplify your lead generation. And that's through having a podcast.
And you probably...
A way to generate leads and income for your business on autopilot...

A way that will guarantee that your content is getting in front of your ideal clients...

A way to confidently sell out your offers and products...

A way to create content with ease and show up weekly for your audience without sacrificing more of your time...

A podcast is...
The Make Money Podcasting Audio Course
Introducing The Make Money Podcasting
Audio Course
Through the power of podcasting, generate consistent leads for your business with ease and without sacrificing more of your time and energy.
The Make Money Podcasting Audio Course is not like other podcast monetization courses.
Learn the Podcast for Profit INCOME Strategy, which is a proven strategy to create a podcast that is an extension of your business and generates consistent leads for your business.
The exact steps to take your podcast from a passion project to the ultimate lead generation tool for your business. No more spending precious time scrolling on social media hoping to generate leads for your business. 

yes please!


the Make Money Podcasting Audio Course:

Intent (Episode 1): Discover your podcast goals and the why behind your podcast. Getting clear on your podcast intention will help you determine how to structure your podcast so that it resonates with your target audience and what type of podcast, private or traditional, is best for you.


Niche (Episode 2): If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. In this episode, you will get clear on who you’re serving and how you’re serving them. You will set up your podcast so that it is a direct extension of your business. Get clarity on your messaging and podcast content.


Connect (Episode 3): Your ideal clients want to know that they are buying from a human, not a robot. Part of connecting with your audience is letting them get to know the real you. In this episode, I break down what it means to connect with your audience and provide practical tips for connecting with your audience through your podcast and outside your podcast.


Optimize (Episode 4): Optimizing your podcast means making your podcast searchable. This is how you ensure your podcast content is reaching your ideal clients on a larger scale. In this episode, I discuss how to increase your podcast’s searchability through SEO and keywords. I review how to do keyword research, where to include keywords in all aspects of your podcast, and more.


And as a bonus...
Measure (Episode 5): Reviewing what’s working and not working for your podcast is an important aspect of podcast monetization. The only way to determine the health of your podcast is by reviewing your analytics. In this episode, I share which podcast metrics you should be reviewing each month and how to determine the number of leads and sales you are generating from your podcast.


Bonus Episode: How to Create Podcast Content Consistently

Earn (Episode 6): If you are going to make an earning from your podcast, you have to know what you want to sell on your podcast. In this episode, I discuss how to determine what to sell on your podcast and how to sell confidently on your podcast. I also share four methods for selling confidently on your podcast and how to create a call to action that leads your listeners to take action.


If you want to turn your podcast listeners into paying clients, you have to show up for them consistently. In this bonus episode, I share strategies for planning your podcast content and generating podcast content ideas that are relevant to your audience. Implementing these strategies will make it easy for you to show up for your audience each week.

Includes the make money podcasting Audio Course Workbook

Each episode includes action steps to help you implement each step in the Podcast for Profit INCOME framework. The complimentary workbook breaks down these action steps and includes sections for you to fill in to create your podcast strategy.
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I'm ready to make money podcasting

meet the mama
behind the audio course

Hey, Mama! I’m Andria, and helping others is my passion. I’m a wife, mom to a wild yet sweet toddler and a baby girl with so much personality, and a fellow mompreneur. Jesus is my everything. I honestly would not be where I am today without Him.

It was during the pandemic that I lost my job and my income. Although the income loss was a major hit, I found so much joy in being able to stay home with my sweet boy and witness all of his first moments. So when my son went to preschool, I knew in my heart that I didn’t want to go back to a traditional 9-5. I wanted to have the freedom to set my hours and be my boss to keep my family my number one priority.

After much research, I dove into the realm of virtual assistants and launched The Savvy VA Mama in October 2021. In April 2022, I made the decision to niche in podcast management and eventually rebranded as Mama Turned Mompreneur. My passion is to support mompreneurs who desire to build a sustainable business that generates leads on autopilot through the power of podcasting.

I know what it's like to focus all your efforts on promoting your business on social media with no guarantee that your content is getting in front of your ideal clients. I help free my clients of this burden by supporting them with launching a podcast with strategy leading to them generating leads and income consistently without having to show up daily.

I'm ready to do this!

Are you ready? Let’s do this!


frequently asked questions:

Do I have to have a podcast before purchasing the course?

Your podcast doesn’t have to be live before taking the course. This INCOME framework is great for new and seasoned podcasters and those in the planning stage. This framework will help you launch your podcast with a strategy that will help you generate leads for your business through your podcast.

Are there refunds?

There are no refunds for the audio course. 

Do I have lifetime access to the audio course?

Yes! You will also have access to any updates and changes that may happen in the future.

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course is set up for you to complete within 7 weeks; however, you are free to move through the course material at a faster pace. The main thing is to implement each part of the framework at the end of each episode. 

Should I completely walk away from social media and just focus on marketing my offers on my podcast?

That is completely up to you. The point of the Make Money Podcasting Audio Course is to teach you how to create a podcast that is an extension of your business, how to use your podcast as your main marketing strategy (but not your only marketing strategy), and how to generate leads for your business through your podcast. I personally enjoy IG and FB, and I still use both to market my offers BUT they aren’t my main marketing strategy. I repurpose my podcast content for these platforms to market my business. 

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