who this offer isn't for:
  • Podcasters who are only willing to monetize with sponsorships
  • Podcasters with a business less than a year
  • Podcasters who aren't willing to sell their offers on their show
  • Podcasters who aren't willing to put in the work to grow and monetize their podcast

  • New (at least 1 episode published) & Seasoned Podcasters
  • Podcasters who are ready to monetize their podcast with their offers
  • Podcasters who have had their business at least one year
  • Podcasters who are committed to selling consistently on their podcasts
  • Podcasters who are willing to put in the work to grow and monetize their podcast

who this offer is for:
You know you can monetize your podcast, but you still need to figure out how.

You want to use your podcast to generate consistent leads for your business, but you haven't developed a strategic plan to make it a reality.
Don't go another six months to a year without monetizing your podcast.

Googling "how to monetize a podcast" will not give you the strategy you need. 

Booking a podcast audit and strategy session will give you the exact formula to grow your audience and start making money podcasting.

i'm ready. let's do this!

  • Podcast Analytics
  • Solo + Interview Episodes and Episode Descriptions
  • SEO + Keywords
  • Cover Art + Promotional Graphics
  • Marketing + Monetization Strategies Used
  • Podcast Name + Description
  • Show notes

podcast audit includes review & feedback on the following:

podcast audit+ strategy session

podcast strategy session INCLUDES the following:

  • 90-Minute Strategy Call
  • Review + Feedback on Audit 
  • Development of Marketing + Monetization Strategy
  • Answer Additional Podcast Related Questions
  • Copy of Recorded Zoom Meeting
  • PDF Copy of Marketing + Monetization Strategy

investment: $500

*Please note that payment is due at the time of booking

*Includes a Loom video of the audit process for you to continue auditing your podcast quarterly

If you're tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping that you will start generating income from your podcast, book your audit + strategy session today.
Get a podcast strategist's eyes on your podcast.

You'll get the podcast for profit income strategy so your podcast will start working as a lead generator for your business.

let's book my strategy session

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