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When you join the waiting list, you’ll be the first to know when the doors are open. If you're ready to consistently get visible without posting on socials 24/7, then The Social Media Detox Club is for you. Enter your name and email address below to join the waitlist.

A done for you monthly visibility plan so you can get visible OFF socials and know exactly what to focus on to build your authority and generate quality leads

Monthly trainings giving you the strategies and tools to land the right visibility opportunities and grow your audience with your dream clients. 

Systems to keep track of collabs so you know you’re getting an ROI from your efforts

Support with clarifying your messaging to attract your ideal clients through collaborations

No more limiting your impact to social media.

I'm all in

Peer-led visibility mastermind AND done for you visibility strategy for mamas running businesses and raising babies.

Imagine if you had a directory of current visibility collaborations…..

The Visibility and Collaboration Directory is updated weekly with current bundle collaborations, podcast guest opportunities, and speaking engagements for you to apply to.

You’re frustrated with trying to implement visibility strategies that aren’t realistic for your current season of life.

You’re tired of feeling like you can’t consistently create content for your business.


Generate leads and income without having to show up online daily

Know where to find the right collaboration opportunities that will get you in front of your target audience

Confidently communicate your messaging on podcasts, at virtual summits, and during other collaborations

But what if you could…..




The Social Media Detox Club is a peer-led visibility mastermind that provides trainings, collaboration opportunities, resources, accountability, and a community of like-minded mamas that supports you with getting visible and generating leads without relying on social media.

Visibility Strategy & Collaboration Opportunities: Each month you will get access to an visibility plan telling you what to focus on for your visibility for that month. You will also have access to a visibility opportunity database that is updated monthly with current visibility opportunities. You’ll know exactly what to do to build your authority and get in front of more of your dream clients.

Trainings and Workshops: Access pre-recorded and live trainings and workshops led by me and guest experts that will teach you the strategy behind getting visible OFF socials and how to effectively implement it. 

Collaboration tracker: With the collaboration tracker, you will be able to ensure you aren’t overbooking yourself for collaboration opportunities. You’ll also keep track of the number of leads you are generating from each collaboration opportunity to determine how these strategies are working for you and if you need to make any changes to your approach.

Monthly co-working sessions and audits: Have dedicated time to focus on implementing your visibility strategy and receive feedback and support from me and the other mamas in the community.


Build a visibility strategy that fits your current season of life.

all seasons of life and business.

Your visibility strategy should support you in 

I’m Andria, a wife, a mama of 2, and a visibility strategist for mompreneurs. On my podcast, Mama Turned Mompreneur, I talk about all things motherhood and business life. My biggest passion helping my clients succeed and grow their clientele OFF social media through collaborations and podcasting so they can spend less time on their phones and more time with their littles.

In 2022, I quickly found myself burnt out trying to build my business on social media. Being a mama of two littles and running a business, I just did not have the time or capacity to post on social media at a frequency necessary to see results. I knew there had to be a better way. That is when I decided to leverage low-effort visibility strategies that I knew would get me in front of my dream clients. 

At the start of 2023, I had 30 people on my email list. By October 2023, my list had grown to over 1200 subscribers. This was done all through collaborations. I knew other mom business owners were also feeling burnt out from social media, so I wanted to create a community filled with support and resources that would help them leverage other strategies that did not require more of their time or energy. That is when The Social Media Detox Club was born.

I’m Andria 

Hey, Mama! 

Get Visible on Your Terms

I was struggling to find bundles that were based on my niche. I also wanted to find podcasts that were more aligned with my niche as well. The questions that Andria had asked made me stop and think. I was able to clarify areas of my business by reflecting on and answering Andria's questions, which helped with my messaging and positioning. ​​Working with Andria to find visibility collaborations has been fantastic!” 

-Celia V.

She is very thorough in what she does and works to make sure that you find visibility collaborations that align with your brand.


Gained over 100 quality leads in one week from a virtual summit I spoke at.

Tina contributed to a bundle I hosted, which resulted in 100 new leads added to her email list AND signed a client.

Finally getting visible on podcasts, because of all the time she's saving in the social media detox club!

These ladies are taking immediate action and you can too!

Gaining Quality Leads that are aligned to her business. 

Investment for The Social Media Detox Club

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$97  month




When you join the waiting list, you’ll be the first to know when the doors are open. If you're ready to consistently get visible without posting on socials 24/7, then The Social Media Detox Club is for you. Enter your name and email address below to join the waitlist.


The Collaboration Tracker

Sneak Peek Inside The Social Media Detox Club

The Monthly Visibility Plan

A: Mamas and female entrepreneurs running an online business who are service providers, course creators, coaches, and consultants. The women joining this membership are ready to stop relying on social media to generate high-quality leads, build authority, and increase brand awareness. They desire to simplify their visibility strategy and strategically leverage collaborations to grow their business. This membership is not recommended for product-based businesses. 

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the membership for?

  • Monthly Visibility Plans: A visibility plan with action steps to take to get visible for the month, including developing an effective strategy to see an ROI on your visibility opportunities
  • Trainings, Workshops, and Co-working Sessions: A mix of pre-recorded trainings and live interactive workshops led by myself and guest experts to teach you how to leverage collaborations for visibility and business growth effectively. Interactive workshops and co-working sessions include live audits and feedback from me and the other mamas inside the membership.
  • Visibility and Collaboration Directory: A directory of visibility and collaboration opportunities updated weekly.
  • Collaboration Tracker: Keep track of your collaborations to ensure you aren’t overbooking yourself for collaborations and see the number of leads you get from each opportunity. 

Q: What’s included in the membership?

A: Yes, however, for those who pay monthly, the cancellation will take place during your next billing cycle. For annual members, the membership will not renew at the end of your 12 months.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: This membership does not focus on podcast launching or podcast growth and monetization. The focus of The Social Media Detox Club is visibility and lead generation through collaborations (e.g., guesting on podcasts, speaking engagements, bundles, etc.). I offer podcast support to my 1:1 coaching clients inside of Life in Seasons Coaching. You can also email me at to discuss your specific podcasting needs and what options are currently available for support. 

Q: Does this membership support me in launching a podcast or growing and monetizing my current podcast?

A: I respond to questions inside the Slack community within 24-48 hours, Monday through Thursday. Community members are encouraged to ask and answer questions. There is a Slack channel dedicated to asking questions that you specifically want me to respond to.

Q: What is your response time inside the Slack community?


Ready to get more eyes on your business and build a visibility strategy that fits your current season of life?