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Your podcast listeners are your highest quality leads. Imagine crafting podcast content that turns these hot leads into clients. When you book a Podcast Content Planning Power Hour, we will partner together to plan podcast content that will funnel your listeners into your paid offers and programs. With the right podcast content strategy, your podcast can be the ultimate asset to your business by filling your paid offers and programs on autopilot.

Podcast Content Planning Power Hour

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You don't have to choose between serving your clients well and managing the backend of your podcast. Add a podcast strategist to your team to free you up to focus on your CEO tasks and to support you with planning lead generating podcast content. Let's collaborate to create podcast content that will generate leads without you having to show up online daily.

Podcast Monthly Management


Connect with your target audience on a deeper level by adding value through a podcast. Allow your voice to be heard in a consistent tone. Build lasting relationships with your audience, converting them from sideline observers to paying customers. Share helpful tips relevant to your audience through a podcast.

Podcast Launch Support

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Naomi meredith
the elementary stem coach 

"I am so glad that I invested in Andria’s services right at the beginning of my podcast. Her communication skills are excellent and pays attention to detail; more than I would if I were in charge of all of my podcast management. I appreciate she is always checking on my stats and growth with my show. She gives me great and fun ideas for ways to engage my audience that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own. Andria is the ultimate asset to my podcast growth and I am so grateful to have her on my team!" 

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Clarissa Briones
Fertility friend podcast

"Launching my podcast was a huge win, because it would’ve taken me much longer without Andria's help. I also feel really confident behind the strategy of my podcast and how it is an asset in my business to generate leads. With Andria’s help, I’ve shifted my mindset and promote my offers with confidence throughout my podcast. She helped me to make it come across natural and authentic. Andria is amazing and have completely exceeded my expectations."

Client Love

Kylie kelly
this mama means business

"In an hour and a half, we have mapped out so many topics for my podcast and linked them to the new offer I am creating! I feel like I have so much more direction and clarity. If you have a podcast, I highly recommend you jump on a session with her when she next offers them! Andria, this is INSANE. Appreciate you!"

Client Love

Rebekah Meredith
The Peculiar Writer Podcast

"Before launching my podcast, I was a nervous wreck. I had no idea where to begin or how to start. And I questioned why I even started this because of my fear of public speaking. I'm all for taking messy action, but this project would have tanked without her. She goes above and beyond but also makes working with her oh-so-fun! I trusted her every step of the way, especially since she left no stone unturned. My gosh, does she know podcasts! After launching the podcast, I felt a new wave of confidence. My voice personality has started to shine, and I'm excited for what's yet to come. But not only that, this process has helped me cut wayyyy down on my personal marketing time. As a mom and closet introvert, that's the best gift working with Andria has given me. Andria is magnificent. Working with her has been nothing short of amazing." 

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krista lockwood
motherhood simplified

"I have had my podcast since 2019, and I get a lot of downloads. I've got a good community, I've got a good base of listeners but what I struggled with and what I did not know how to do was leverage my podcast as an extension of my business...Andria gave me tips and tricks for lead generation for my podcast and strategies to monetize it...everything from a private podcast to advertising my own products on my podcast."

Client Love

Ashlee Sang
Purpose & Progress

"Andria was super patient, attentive, and responsive. I could feel how invested she was in me and this project. She guided me through the launch process in a really clear, organized way and listened to my specific questions, goals, and needs. The launch went really smoothly and the tutorial library she gave me at the end of our work together is super useful. Highly recommend."

Client Love

Julanna Jones
The toddler mom podcast

"I feel like I’ve gained clarity on how to sell my offers in my podcast and the how to create content that supports my offers. I also learned a lot of strategies that make the process of recording and editing much easier. [Since working together] my podcast has consistently charted and I’ve learned how to make my podcast my main source of marketing for my business. Andria has been a great coach, very supportive, and helpful with ideas for content."  

Client Love

Marcia Nicole
The Inspiring ECE

"The idea of starting a podcast for early childhood educators seemed daunting to me. All that changed when I met Andria. I have the privilege of having her as my podcast manager. It is refreshing to work with someone proactive, knowledgeable, and always providing valuable feedback. Throughout the process, she keeps me on track like no one else because of her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail. The support I've received from Andria has allowed me to produce a podcast for early childhood educators consistently. If you are considering starting your own podcast, I highly recommend her. Andria can assist you in various ways - contact her today to learn more!"

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about Andria

I’m Andria, a former virtual assistant turned Podcast Strategist. I provide podcast launch support, private podcast set up, and podcast audits + strategy sessions for mompreneurs. Some of my clients include parent and mom coaches, early childhood coaches, and educators.

Through podcast launch support, private podcast set up, and podcast audits + strategy sessions, I help my clients make money podcasting and generate consistent leads in their businesses.

Providing podcast launch support, private podcast setup, and podcast audits and strategy sessions for busy mompreneurs.

Podcast Coach & Strategist

Hey friend, I'm Andria.

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Hey mama, are you tired of feeling burnt out with your online business? Are you tired of trying to hack the social media algorithm? Maybe you’re posting reels and other social media content consistently but not generating consistent leads leaving you feeling exhausted and defeated. Are you ready to get all the deets on successfully monetizing a podcast and growing your business with little ones running circles around you? If yes, then Mama Turned Mompreneur is the podcast for you!

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