Are You Managing Your Business Finances Properly? How to Set Your Business Up for Success Financially with Drezden Palms [Episode 26]

business finances

Listen to today’s episode on Are You Managing Your Business Finances Properly? How to Set Your Business Up for Success Financially with Drezden Palms:

Episode Description:

Hey, Mama! In today’s episode, I sit down with Drezden Palms to talk about the importance of managing and understanding business finances and how it relates to the growth of your business. Drezden gives insight for business owners at different stages in their business. Don’t miss the many great tips that will help you save time and avoid potential financial headaches and troubles.

Main Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Importance of managing business finances
  • Software to help you properly manage your business finances
  • Top 3 tips for managing finances
  • Tax Season

Meet Drezden Palms:

Drezden Palms is a believer, wife, mother to two beautiful girls, and owner of Palms ProBooks. She is on a mission to help service-based women entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses with accounting services. Her number one goal is to help them build a solid financial foundation to equip them to build generational wealth and legacies for their families.

Connect with Drezden:

Connect with Andria:

business finances

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