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having baby number 2

Let’s be real: running an online business with one little at home compared to running your business after having baby number 2 looks vastly different. I’ve heard from many mamas, myself included, that transitioning from 1 to 2 children is hard. Throw in running a business during this transition, and it feels overwhelming. The thought of having baby number 2 as a mompreneur doesn’t have to lead to anxiety or overwhelm. Whether you’re thinking about having baby number 2, soon to be a mama of 2, or are already in the thick of it, today’s blog will provide many tips and strategies to help you navigate that transition without stress or overwhelm.

The Mindset Shift that’s Required When Having Baby Number 2

The mindset shift that has to happen when having baby number 2 is that how you run your business will look different. Being responsible for two children on top of your other responsibilities means your time and capacity will be limited. This isn’t to say that you can’t have a profitable business as a mama of littles because you definitely can. It just means that how you build your business will look different from those who don’t have children, mompreneurs who have a full team supporting them, and those who are in a different season of life than you.

One way I support my clients in Life in Seasons Coaching is by working on their mindset and setting their businesses up in a way that supports their new season of life. What we focus on mindset wise are not comparing their businesses to others and remembering that this is just a season of life, and it won’t be this way forever.

having baby number 2

4 Ways Mompreneurs Can Prepare Their Businesses for Having Baby Number 2

Communicate Your Values to Your Current and Future Clients

Before having baby number 2, I did not communicate my values in my content or to my current clients. This led to some challenges when I became a mom of 2. After I had my daughter, I had to restructure my business to best meet the needs of my family. That looked like making myself available to my clients on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Only one of my clients accepted this change, which led to us not renewing the contract.

As a mama of littles running a business, you must work with clients who understand and respect that your family is your top priority.  You want clients who aren’t going to get upset because one of your kids got sick, and you need to reschedule a meeting. The best way to attract these best-fit clients is to share your values in your content. 

This looks like creating content that:

  • Communicates that your business is a life-first business
  • Shows that you are a mom running a business with littles at home
  • Highlights the type of clients you do and don’t work with

For your current clients, ensure that you have clear boundaries outlined in your contract and your welcome packet. This means communicating your working hours and setting deadlines for when they need to give you specific items to complete your work.

Intentionally Create White Space in Your Day

One thing I valued after having baby number 2, and continue to implement, is intentionally creating white space in my day. That has been so helpful as a mom of 2, and the unexpected happens. You can intentionally create white space in many ways in your day. Here’s how I’ve done it in my business:

  • Block off my calendar on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Open my calendar on certain days and times for meetings, podcast interviews, etc.
  • Opening my calendar 1-3 months at a time instead of for the entire year

Making these changes and intentionally creating white space in my day has allowed for so much flexibility. This flexibility has equipped me to be prepared for when the unexpected happens.  For instance, when my son started speech, I had the flexibility to schedule his sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I knew that no one could schedule a meeting with me on those days. When you go from being a mom of 1 to having baby number 2, you need time freedom and flexibility. 

having baby number 2

Communicate Your Needs to Your Village

Many of my Life in Seasons Coaching clients find it challenging to communicate their needs to their village, especially after having baby number 2. As moms, we will see what needs to be done and will do it without asking for help. While it’s great that we are multi-taskers and will get things done, doing it all will lead to burnout. We can’t pour from an empty cup. We can’t be the present mamas we desire to be and build a profitable business if we are doing everything on our own.

The first thing we must do is ask for help. This can be asking for help with the kids, maintaining your home, tasks in your business, or some other area where you need support. After having baby number 2, I finally learned how to ask for help, which has looked like:

  • Having my husband take over planning and cooking dinner for the week
  • Outsourcing in my business
  • My mom coming over in the evenings during the week to spend time with the kids so I can have some time to myself
  • My husband handling the kids’ nighttime routine so I can take my nightly decompression bubble bath

What can asking for help look like for you? Where do you need the most support? Whatever it is, reach out to your village and ask for help.

Another way I get support from my husband is by planning one day a week, where I have a block of 4-6 hours to work uninterrupted. On this day, my husband handles all of our kids’ needs while I lock myself in a separate room and get work done. Knowing that I have that one day a week to work uninterrupted has taken so much pressure off of me, and I get so much accomplished in the work block. 

Be Open to Working Odd Days or Hours After Having Baby Number 2

Many of us who transitioned from a 9-5 to entrepreneurship may believe that we should be working a 9-5 Monday – Friday schedule in our businesses. This may not be a reality after having baby number 2. If your kids are home with you full-time (or even part-time) during the week, your work hours will look different. This is another area where you will have to be flexible to continue building your business after having baby number 2. So this looks like being open to:

  • Working on the weekends
  • Working early mornings if you are a morning person
  • Working in the evenings after your kids have gone to sleep if you’re a night owl like me
  • Working in blocks during nap time or when the kids are content playing independently

That’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur and being the CEO of your business:

You get to set your schedule up in a way that works for you and your family.

The key is to figure out what works for you and your family. Again, it won’t be this way forever because every season comes to an end. 

Final Thoughts

Running your business after having baby number 2 doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. When you embrace this new season of life and make the necessary adjustments to set your business up in a way that allows you to be both successful in your business and home, you will feel good as a mompreneur.

If you’re looking for support with navigating motherhood and entrepreneurship after having baby number 2, I can support you in Life in Seasons Coaching. When you work with me as your life and business coach, you will go from overwhelmed and stressed to confidently managing your home and business in a way that fits your current season of life.

Rather listen than read?

Check out my podcast episode on having baby number 2 while running a business here.

having baby number 2

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