Is Perfectionism a Driving Force in Your Life? How to Overcome Perfectionism and Find Healing as a Mompreneur with Alicia Michelle [Episode 82]

how to overcome perfectionism

Listen to today’s episode on Is Perfectionism a Driving Force in Your Life? How to Overcome Perfectionism and Find Healing as a Mompreneur with Alicia Michelle:

Episode Description:

Hey, mama! If you’re a high-achieving or anxious person, then you have most likely dealt with striving for perfectionism. The reality is that perfectionism is an unachievable goal. Mistakes are going to happen, which is a part of life. Given that we can’t actually achieve perfectionism in our lives, how do we navigate this need for it?

In today’s episode, I chat with Christian Mindset Coach Alicia Michelle about how to overcome perfectionism and find healing. During this conversation, Alicia and I discuss what it’s like to strive for perfectionism and not reach it, as well as practical tips for how to navigate perfectionism on a daily basis.

Main Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Alicia’s definition of perfectionism
  • What perfectionism looks like in a mompreneur’s life
  • The brain connection in striving for perfectionism
  • Practical tips for overcoming perfectionism

Episode Timestamp:

[00:02:57] Meet Alicia Michelle

[00:05:48] Alicia’s definition of perfectionism

[00:11:26] How Alicia has navigated perfectionism

[00:13:57] How Andria has navigated perfectionism.

[00:17:16] The brain connection in striving for perfectionism

[00:22:16] Practical tips on how to overcome perfectionism

[00:25:59] Why journaling is an effective coping mechanism

[00:30:28] How to connect with Alicia

Meet Alicia Michelle:

Alicia Michelle is a certified mindset coach, speaker, and award-winning podcast host of the top-ranked The Christian Mindset Coach Podcast. Through her coaching and courses, Alicia has equipped thousands of women with practical brain-and-biblically-based tools to break free from the worry and exhaustion of perfectionism, people pleasing, and performance that come from feeling “never enough”. She is a regular contributor to popular Christian sites such as and; her podcast is featured as a weekly radio show on KHCB’s Upliftd; and she is currently writing her first traditionally-published book (Baker Books, Fall 2024). Download one of Alicia’s free mindset trainings at or connect with her on social media (@aliciamichellecoach) to learn how to cultivate godly confidence and better manage emotions.

Connect with Alicia:

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Connect with Andria:

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