“I have too many business ideas that I want to implement now!” 3 Strategies to Help You Decide on When to Implement a New Offer in Your Business [Episode 133]

I have too many business ideas

Listen to today’s episode on “I have too many business ideas that I want to implement now!” 3 Strategies to Help You Decide on When to Implement a New Offer in Your Business:

Hey, Mama! If you ever had the thought, ” I have too many business ideas,” cross your mind, know that you’re not alone. Having new business ideas hit you at the most random times can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure what idea to implement first. In today’s episode, I’m sharing my three strategies for helping you decide on when to implement a new offer in your business.

Main Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • What to do when you think, “I have too many business ideas
  • 3 strategies to help you decide on when to implement a new offer
  • When to say “no” to a new offer

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I have too many business ideas

I have too many business ideas! What should I do?

If you’re a mompreneur, you’ve mostly likely thought to yourself, “I have too many business ideas.” Most people who pursue entrepreneurship are creative and have lots of ideas. When you’re a mama running a business with little ones at home, your time and capacity are limited. Trying to implement every idea that crosses your mind is not realistic. Keep reading to learn three strategies to help you decide if and when to execute a new business idea.

I have too many business ideas…but does it make sense to execute them now based on my current season of life?

There is nothing wrong with being inspired to create new offers in your business. That’s the beauty of being a mompreneur. However, every new business idea we have may not be one that we should implement immediately. Before moving forward with executing a new business idea, ask yourself if it makes sense to execute based on your current season of life. If you don’t currently have the capacity to implement this new business idea, then write it down and save it for a better time. In Life in Seasons 1:1 Coaching, I support my clients with building a business that fits their current season of life. We look at their current capacity and how much time they have available to dedicate to their businesses. This is something we evaluate monthly, given that seasons can change at any moment, and their capacity can shift too.

Are these ideas for new offers ones that my audience wants and needs?

You may have a great idea for a new offer, but it may be one that your audience doesn’t currently want or need. This is why I’m a firm believer in doing market research before launching a new offer. The data you collect during market research will validate your offer, show you what changes you need to make to ensure your offer is what your audience wants or show you that it is an offer that your audience doesn’t want or isn’t ready for. So, before you launch your offer, confirm that it is something your audience currently wants.

Is your new offer idea something you actually want to execute?

As you build a deeper connection with the people in your community, you will earn their trust and become their go-to person for their needs. You may even find that they start to ask you for support in areas that are outside of your expertise or that you don’t currently have an offer for. This is where you have to decide if you truly want to create an offer to meet this need. You can say no if you don’t want to do it or if it’s outside of your area of expertise. Instead of trying to meet your community’s needs in this way, you can refer them to those in your network that you trust. You can develop referral partnerships or create an offer with someone in your network that allows you to meet your community’s needs while allowing you to stick to your area of expertise.

If you’ve ever thought, “I have too many business ideas,” know that you are not alone. It happens to many of us mompreneurs. What matters most is knowing when to implement, when to pause, and when to say no to an offer. The many business ideas you have don’t have to overwhelm or remain an idea forever.

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