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Whenever I ask a mompreneur why she has yet to launch a podcast, I’m always given one of three reasons. I’ve had the honor of connecting with so many mompreneurs worldwide, and it never ceases to amaze me how those without a podcast or who say they don’t want to launch a podcast all share the same beliefs about why a podcast isn’t for them. If you are a mompreneur on the fence about whether or not you should launch a podcast, keep reading to learn the top three beliefs that hold mompreneurs back from adding a podcast to their business.

launch a podcast

If You Have Yet to Launch a Podcast, These 3 Beliefs May Be Holding You Back

Belief #1: I Don’t Have Enough Time to Launch a Podcast and Maintain It

Launching and maintaining a podcast can be overwhelming when you try to do it yourself. But, when you hire a podcast strategist like myself to support you, launching a podcast won’t feel like another thing on your plate. I like to tell my clients that when they launch a podcast, they can save time on creating content for their various platforms. In addition, when you have long-form content like a podcast, you can repurpose it into other pieces of content.

Content repurposing is a game changer for a business owner because instead of creating new content for every platform, you repurpose it from already created content. Instead of trying to create content for Instagram, Facebook, and your weekly newsletter, you can save time by diving deeper into certain aspects of your podcast content. Two other ways to save time when managing your podcast after it’s launched are planning your episodes ahead of time and batch recording. By getting ahead with planning and recording your podcast episodes, you can schedule your episodes ahead of time, saving you time.

Belief #2: The Podcast Market is Oversaturated

This is one of the most common beliefs I hear from mompreneurs who say they don’t need to launch a podcast. According to Neal Schaffer, there are approximately 2.5 million podcasts listed on Apple Podcasts. Of that total number, only 450,000 are active podcasts. Despite the large number of podcasts that exist, only a small portion of hosts are actually putting out content consistently, which means there is room for you as a podcaster.

You may be thinking, “Why should I launch a podcast when there are already podcasts in my niche?” The thing is that there is only one you with your experiences, personality, message, and way of connecting with people. Someone needs your message. There are certain people that only you can reach. You can stand out as a podcast host when you create a podcast with strategy. The right people will find your podcast when you create content that speaks to your target audience.

Belief #3: Podcasting is Too Hard

When you Google how to launch a podcast, there is so much information that comes up that it can feel overwhelming. You may even be able to filter through all of the information to find the resources you need to figure out the technical aspects of launching and maintaining a podcast, but one thing Google can’t tell you is how to develop a podcast strategy for your podcast or how to monetize your podcast without sponsorships. Without a clear strategy for growing and monetizing your podcast, podcasting is too hard.

This is why you should hire a podcast strategist when you launch a podcast. A podcast strategist will help you develop a strategy specific to your podcast and business goals. They will also give you the tools and resources you need to ensure you are able to maintain your podcast after it is launched. This is exactly what I do for my clients. The tech side of podcasting is the easy part. The strategy not so much. I ensure my clients are able to launch their podcasts with strategy so they can monetize them with their offers.

These three beliefs are nothing more than beliefs. You can shift your perspective so that these beliefs don’t hold you back from adding a podcast to your business. If you want to launch a podcast with strategy so that you can grow and scale your business, let’s talk so we can get your podcast launched with strategy!

launch a podcast

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