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stress free podcast launch

Listen to today’s episode on My Stress Free Podcast Launch Checklist: What You Actually Need to Successfully Launch Your Podcast

Hey, Mama! If you’ve been delaying launching your podcast because the “how” of launching a podcast sounds overwhelming, today’s episode is for you. Today, I’m breaking down my stress free podcast launch checklist. In this episode, I will be sharing what you actually need to launch your podcast. Grab your notebook and pen because you are going to want to write this down!

Main Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • How to have a stress free podcast launch
  • An overview of my stress free podcast launch checklist
  • What you actually need to focus on when launching your podcast

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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stress free podcast launch

My Stress Free Podcast Launch Checklist: What You Actually Need

A stress free podcast launch can be your reality when you focus on what is actually needed when launching a podcast. Continue reading to learn what you need for a stress free podcast launch.

Podcast Name

The first thing you need for a stress free podcast launch is to choose a podcast name. When you are choosing a podcast name, you want to make sure you choose a name that is highly searchable or contains keywords. This means that the cutesy and catchy names may not be the best way to go. Also, you need to make sure the name you choose is available. Is the podcast name available in the podcast listening apps? Is it a name that is trademarked? Do your research before you decide on a podcast name.

Podcast Cover Art

The second thing you need for a stress free podcast launch is cover art. Your cover art is a visual representation of your podcast, so you want to make sure it captures your ideal listener’s attention. Given that podcasting is audio only content, you want to make sure your face is on the podcast cover art. This allows your listeners to put a name and picture to the voice they are listening to each week. When you join the 7 Day Pod Launch Get It Done Week, you will get access to professionally designed podcast cover art templates created by my amazing graphic designer, Chelsea Lybeck. Just like the cover of a book is critical to its success, so is your podcast cover art when it comes to your podcast success.

Microphone or Phone and Headphones

Whether you choose a microphone or record in the voice notes of your phone, you need headphones when recording your podcast episodes. My favorite microphone is the Samson Q2U. This microphone is cost effective, and easy to use and set up. If you want to get a microphone for your phone, a good option for an iPhone is the Shure MV88 Portable iOS Microphone. For something more cost effective, the AIKELA Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone is a great option. For headphones, any over the ears headphones work great. Wireless headphones can be tricky since they rely on wi-fi, so they may go in and out while you’re recording.

Recording & Editing Software

A free and easy to use recording and editing software is Audacity. The best thing about Audacity is that you can edit as you record. Another editing software that is good to use is Auphonic. Auphonic can be used to level your audio after you’ve finished editing. This will ensure that the audio is the same level throughout the episode.

Podcast Host

You need a podcast host in order to distribute your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the other podcast listening apps. My favorite podcast host (and the one that I use) is Captivate (This link is an affiliate link. When you sign up, you get a 7 day free trial). When it comes to choosing a podcast host, you want to choose one that has great support and is within your budget. Even if you start with a free podcast host like Spotify for Podcasters, you can always easily transfer your podcast to another host.

3-6 Months’ Worth Podcast Content Ideas

If you want to be consistent with your podcast, then you need to be prepared by having podcast content ideas. Knowing ahead of time what you’re going to talk about on your podcast will help you show up consistently for your listeners each week. Take some time to brainstorm at least 3-6 months’ worth of podcast content ideas before you hit publish on your podcast.

What You Don’t Need When Launching Your Podcast

Music for Your Intro and Outro

I know you probably think I’m crazy, but hear me out. Your listeners want and need the meat of your podcast episodes. Yes, the intro and outro music is catchy and give your podcast a little more personality, but it’s not necessary when you first start. If searching for music or learning how to mix the intro and outro with music is going to hold you up from launching your podcast, launch without it. You can always add these things later. The main thing is that you hit publish on your podcast.

A Video Podcast

While video podcasts are popular, unless you are a video editor and have the capacity to maintain a video podcast, it is not needed to launch. Trying to launch a podcast on your own with a video component will most likely stress you out. Again, this is something you can add later in your podcasting journey.

Expensive Equipment

You don’t need to build a studio in your home in order to have a stress free podcast launch. If anything, it’s going to slow you down. You can keep your costs down and only get the things you actually need when launching your podcast. Get started and get comfortable with podcasting first, then add in the fancy equipment if you want to.

Perfect Audio

Your audio doesn’t need to sound like you recorded in a studio in order for you to launch your podcast. As long as your listeners can hear you and your message is getting across, don’t stress over the audio quality. Yes, there are things you can do to support you with getting clean audio, but don’t stress over it. Focus on creating quality content for your podcast that resonates with your listeners.

Get Support so You Can Have a Stress Free Podcast Launch

If you’re ready to have a stress free podcast launch, check out the ways I can support you below!

Mama Turned Mompreneur Podcast Launch Guide

This a free guide and checklist that walks you a stress free podcast launch. Grab the free guide here:

7 Day Pod Launch Get It Done Week

Looking for more hands on support without the done for you investment? Then the 7 Day Pod Launch Get It Done Week is for you. Head to to learn more.

VIP Podcast Launch

If you want to launch your podcast with ease and the only requirement for you is to record your podcast episodes, then the VIP Podcast Launch is for you. This is my done for you podcast launch that allows you to not have to figure out the tech or the backend of launching your podcast. Learn more here:

Connect with Andria:

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