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Hey Mama! Today on the blog, I’m talking about all things niching down. If you’re a freelancer or work in the online space in general, most likely, you have heard of niching down and have been told that choosing a niche is critical to the success of your online business. So to help you navigate the world of niching down, I’m sharing when you should niche down, signs it’s time for you to niche down, and why you should choose a niche.

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When Should You Choose a Niche

There are a lot of opinions on when is the right time to niche down. Some people say you should choose a niche before launching your business; however, I believe otherwise. I recommend waiting until you are at least six months into running your business. You’re probably thinking, “Andria, if I wait six months, isn’t that going to keep my business from growing?” No, it’s not. I think you should wait at least six months because this six-month period will allow you to try out different online services you can provide and work with various people within various industries. You won’t know what services you enjoy or despise if you don’t try them out. Likewise, you won’t know who you want to serve unless you work with people from different industries. If you have been in business for at least six months and you’re wondering if it’s time to choose a niche, keep reading to learn the four signs it’s time for you to niche down.

4 Signs It’s Time for You to Niche Down


1. You have offered various services as an online business owner and found the one service that lights you up.

If you have found something you love and enjoy providing as an online service provider, you have found your niche. Your niche should light you up in a way that you are filled with excitement when you think about providing this service. This isn’t to say that there won’t be moments where it’s hard, but overall it keeps you running your business, and you love talking about what you do.

2. You know your ideal client like the back of your hand.

Another aspect of narrowing down your niche is knowing who you want to serve. I’m not talking about surface level when I say know who you serve. You should know your ideal client like the back of your hand. You know how they think, whether they’re married or single, have kids, and what their biggest pain points are. You probably know this person so well because they are who you used to be.

3. You have reached a financial plateau in your business.

If you haven’t been able to move past a certain income level in the last three-plus months, it’s probably time for you to niche down. Maybe you have finally hit 3 or 4k months, but you haven’t been able to move past that; then it’s time to niche down. If you’re offering a buffet of services, most likely, you aren’t providing these services as well as you possibly can. You’re being pulled in so many directions because you’re offering an array of services that don’t relate to one another. For example, if you’re providing social media management, blog copywriting, and website design, each of these services requires different skills. So you’re literally having to switch from one way of thinking and working to another as you switch from client to client. You’re also unable to land high-ticket clients because you’re not establishing yourself as an expert in a particular niche.


4. You are burnt out from offering a variety of services.

Switching from one type of client work to another is draining and exhausting. You are no longer finding joy in your business and are ready to throw in the towel. You’re tired of being pulled in different directions and moving from working on tasks you enjoy to those you despise. You’re most likely putting off doing those tasks you dread the most. It’s time to niche down in what you enjoy the most and look forward to doing daily.

Why Niching Down Helps You Scale Your Business


Choosing a niche helps you scale your business because you can establish yourself as an expert. When you choose a niche, that becomes your focus in your long-form content, social media content, and speaking engagements. You become known for that one thing, and people take you seriously as a business owner. When you don’t have a niche, people may be skeptical about working with you and may question why you’re offering so many services and whether or not you produce quality work since it appears like you’re all over the place with your offerings. Also, once you have narrowed down your niche, you can begin investing in courses, coaching, masterminds, etc., which will enhance this skill set further. You can learn new skills related to your niche to help you better serve your ideal clients and land high-ticket clients. This will help you reach six figures in your business. You can move from offering low ticket offerings to pricing your offerings much higher.


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Build a business that fits your current season of life as a work from home mom.

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