4 Time-Saving Podcast Management Hacks for Busy Mompreneurs

There are so many benefits to adding a podcast to your business. Maybe you even desire to start a podcast but haven’t moved forward with launching it because it will add podcast management to your plate, which can be challenging with little ones running around at home. Keep reading to learn my four podcast management time-saving hacks that help you manage your podcast as a mom of young children.

podcast management

4 Time-Saving Podcast Management Hacks for Busy Mompreneurs

1. Record Your Episodes While the Kids are Sleep

One question I often get from moms who want to start a podcast is, “when can I record my episodes when the kids are home?” The idea of recording podcast episodes when your littles are home sounds impossible, but it’s not. I always record my podcast episodes while my kids are at home. I do this by making sure to record while they’re sleeping. This used to include nap time, but my son no longer naps. So, to get my episodes recorded, I either wait until my littles go to sleep for the evening or I get up early in the morning before them so I can record my episodes. I prefer staying up after they’ve gone down for the night to record since sometimes they wake up earlier than I anticipated, which delays recording.

2. Map Out Your Podcast Content Ahead of Time

An important aspect of podcast management is planning your content ahead of time. This is my number one strategy for ensuring my clients, and I don’t become a podfade. One thing I do is I have a living document into which I dump all my episode ideas. This document contains over 100 podcast episode ideas. Then, when planning my content for the next month, I refer to this podcast content dump spreadsheet and pull out topic ideas from there to map out my podcast episodes. Then, once you have your podcast content finalized, you can outline those episodes. This way, when you’re ready to record your episodes, you will already have your outlines ready, and you just have to hit record. If you are struggling with coming up with content ideas for your podcast, I highly recommend booking a strategy session with me.

3. Batch Record Your Podcast Episodes

Given that kids’ sleep schedules can be unpredictable at times (teething, growth spurts, all those fun things!), relying solely on recording while they sleep can be a challenge at times. Another way to ensure successful podcast management is batch recording your podcast episodes. This can be done by choosing one to two days a month and recording all of your episodes for the following month. Although I don’t batch record my solo episodes, I do batch record my interviews. I typically record two to three podcast interviews on the days I record my interviews. This saves me so much time and ensures I have sufficient content for each month.

4. Create Templates and Automate What You Can

As part of my podcast management process, I create templates and automate what I can. This has been a huge game changer in my guest management process for the Mama Turned Mompreneur podcast. I break down my exact guest management process here on the blog. In addition to automating your guest management process, if you use an outline for your podcast episodes, create a template for it. You can also create templates for your show notes and podcast promotional graphics. This will save you time and make your podcast management process easier. For anything within your podcast management process that you repeatedly do, look for ways that you can create templates or automate.


Podcast management doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and it is possible as a busy mompreneur when you have good systems in place. As a final tip, expect the unexpected with your littles and take full advantage of any free time you have. Consistency is critical to podcast growth. If you need support with developing systems for your podcast management or creating podcast content ideas, click here to book a strategy session today.

podcast management

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