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podcast interview

There are so many benefits to adding podcast interviews to your show. One of the main benefits is gaining access to your guests’ audience. Getting in front of your podcast guests’ audience can lead to growing your audience and getting new clients. Although interviewing guests is a great way to grow your podcast and business, it can be overwhelming if you are not organized. Keep reading to learn three ways you can stay organized when scheduling podcast guest interviews.

podcast interview

1. Use a Scheduler

One of the quickest ways to become disorganized when scheduling podcast guest interviews is scheduling interviews without a scheduler. When you set your scheduler up ahead of time with the dates and times you are available to interview your guests, you prevent double booking or scheduling interviews during times you aren’t available. Another benefit of using a scheduler like Dubsado is that you can automate an important step in your guest management process. For example, you can set up your scheduler in Dubsado so that your guest is required to fill out the guest intake form where you can collect their bio, headshot, social media profiles, and any other important information.

podcast interview

2. Automate Your Guest Management Process

In addition to automating the process for guests filling out the guest intake form, you can also automate the emails sent (i.e., interview confirmation, interview reminder, thank you email, etc.). Dubsado allows you to create workflows, which will help automate this process. Zoom also integrates with Dubsado, so if you are interviewing your guests on Zoom, you can have the Zoom link automatically created once the interview is scheduled and include it in the confirmation and reminder emails. Automating this entire process will keep you organized and save you so much time. Being a busy mompreneur, you may not have the time to streamline this process, which is why I provide a Guest Management VIP Day service. You can learn more about how I can streamline your guest management process here.

podcast interview

3. Use a Project Management Tool

When scheduling podcast guest interviews, it’s important to keep track of who is confirmed, when their interview will take place, and what topic they will speak on. One way to keep all of this information organized is by using a project management tool. My favorite project management tool is Trello. I love the layout of Trello boards and how you can move the cards from one board to the next. Trello also allows you to link files on the board. For instance, you can link the social media graphics and show notes for the podcast episode. A project management tool is great for creating a virtual checklist.

Automating what you can in your podcast guest management process will save you time and keep you organized. Scheduling podcast interviews should not be time-consuming. Adding a scheduler, a customer relationship management system such as Dubsado, and a project management tool will save you time, prevent overwhelm, and help you create a VIP experience for your podcast guests. If you are ready to uplevel your podcast guest management process, check out my Guest Management VIP Day here.

Podcast Interview

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