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5 Tips for Being a Successful Mompreneur While Pregnant

Successful mompreneur while pregnant

Being a mompreneur is all fun and games until you discover you’re six weeks pregnant while raising an active toddler. Motherhood is beautiful yet exhausting. Throw in running a business and getting pregnant while wearing the different hats of toddler mom, wife, and more, and motherhood becomes an extreme sport. If you are a mompreneur currently pregnant and have a little one running wild in your home, keep reading to learn five tips on how to navigate this Olympic marathon successfully.

Successful mompreneur while pregnant

1. Set a Routine for You and Your Toddler

Establishing a routine for both you and your toddler will help you map out both of your days. Having a plan of what each of your days should look like will help with organization. Toddlers (kids in general) do great with routine. There are fewer tantrums since they know what to expect and when. By having a set routine, you will have more control of your day and will be able to accomplish what needs to be done.

Successful mompreneur while pregnant

2. Ask for Help

Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. Mama, you are growing an entire human, which means your energy and strength are depleted. Ask your support system for help with some day-to-day tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, or simply having grandma or grandpa take your toddler for a few hours. 

If you feel overwhelmed with the behind-the-scenes tasks of your podcast, it may be time to hire a podcast manager. Not sure of what aspects of your podcast you can outsource, then click here to discover which tasks you can delegate to a podcast manager. Although you can do it all, you don’t have to, nor should you. 

Successful mompreneur while pregnant

3. Be Flexible and Go Easy on Yourself

Routines are great; however, toddlers tend to have their plan in mind, so there will be days when your routine is thrown out the window, and you simply have to go with the flow. Pay attention to your toddler’s cues as well as your body’s cues. 

If your toddler is telling you (most likely through their actions) that they need more time with a specific activity, go with it. Also, listen if your body is telling you it needs rest. Finally, make sure to extend yourself grace. Being pregnant while running a business and taking care of a little human is not easy. If anything, it’s an extreme sport. And mama, you are excelling at it!

Successful mompreneur while pregnant

4. Work or Nap While Your Toddler is Napping

Listening to your body is so important, especially during pregnancy. If your toddler is sleeping and you are beyond exhausted, lay down and take a nap. It will make your life so much easier. If you have a burst of energy once your toddler goes down for a nap, then get work done. The main thing is that you are listening to your body.

5. Take Full Advantage of Pregnancy Insomnia

I’m sure you’re wondering why this one is a tip, but hear me out. Pregnancy insomnia is real. Between waking up every hour to pee and trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in, insomnia becomes a regular part of your pregnancy.

There’s honestly no point in tossing and turning all night, so you might as well get out the bed and work on some things for your business. I have done this a few times, and it helped me go back to sleep. I worked for maybe an hour or two, and then I was ready to pass out. So instead of lying in bed wide awake, get up and be productive.

Navigating pregnancy while running a business and caring for a toddler can be overwhelming and draining if you don’t have a plan in place or the support you need. However, it is possible to be a successful mompreneur during pregnancy. Start by creating a daily routine for you and your family. Then look at what tasks you can delegate to others. For example, maybe your spouse takes on the cooking for the week, or you start outsourcing specific tasks for your business, such as managing your podcast. If you are looking to bring on someone who can help manage the daunting tasks of your podcast, check out the services I provide here

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