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add a podcast to your business

Podcasts have become popular over the last few years. Currently, there are over 2 million podcast shows worldwide ( This year, podcast listeners will likely make up 20.3% of all internet users. That may sound like a small percentage; however, it equates to 424.2 million users across the globe. These statistics alone demonstrate the significance of having a podcast. If you’re a mompreneur looking to take your business to the next level, keep reading to learn four reasons you should launch a podcast. 

4 Reasons mompreneurs Should Launch a podcast Related to Their Business

add a podcast to your business

1. Podcasts are Excellent for Content Repurposing

Creating content to promote your products or services can be challenging. Adding a podcast to your business gives you access to unlimited content. Content from a single podcast episode can be repurposed into a blog post (which helps with SEO!), a newsletter or other email marketing, and inspirational or engaging content for your Facebook group. Podcast content is also great for social media. Snippets from an episode can be taken to create audiograms and reels, and graphics can be designed to share encouraging quotes from an episode. If the podcast includes video, that content can be used to create more reels or uploaded to Youtube. The possibilities are endless! 

add a podcast to your business

2. Podcasts are Great for Growing Your Audience & Business

Podcasts expand your reach because you are targeting your audience differently. In the United States, approximately 49% of women listen to podcasts (Influencer Marketing Hub). If your target audience is female entrepreneurs, moms, or a specific group of women, then adding a podcast to your business allows you to reach them in a new way. Another way to expand your reach is by having special guests on your podcast. So not only do you reach your audience, but you also get access to your guest’s audience. 

add a podcast to your business

3. Adding a Podcast to Your Business Allows You to Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Industry

When you center your podcast around your business, you can discuss topics you know. You can share your knowledge and expertise with your audience, establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Podcasts are much more intimate than blog posts or other forms of content. With each episode, your audience gets to know you on a deeper level. They learn your personality, sense of humor, and what drives you. Sharing these intimate parts with your audience allows them to connect with you and helps you earn their trust leading to them seeing you as an authority in your industry. 

add a podcast to your business

4. Podcasts Help You Direct Traffic to Your Website

The beauty of podcasts is that they can drive your audience to your website, showcasing your products and services. Writing show notes for each episode is a great way to direct your audience to your website. You can house your show notes on your website along with an embedded audio player of each podcast episode, and you can link your website in your show notes. For example, if you mention a special you are having on a product you sell or mention a free guide you have available on your website, you can include this information in your show notes, which leads your audience to your website. Links to your website can also be included in the show description and episode summary, which are posted on each platform your podcast is available on. 

Launching a podcast centered around your business is a great way to gain more clients and sell more products. When you start a podcast, you reclaim the time spent planning content. You can repurpose your podcast into social media content, blog posts, and more. You increase your exposure and can reach even more people within your niche. A podcast lets you get your business in front of more people and build an even deeper connection with your audience. 

Maybe after reading this blog, you’re thinking, “okay, how in the world am I going to find the time to launch and manage a podcast on top of everything else I have to do?” You don’t have to launch and manage your podcast on your own. If you outsource the launch and management of your podcast to a podcast manager, all you have to do is plan engaging content for your audience and hit record. A podcast manager can handle everything from editing each episode, writing show notes, guest management, creating social media content, and more. If you want to add a podcast to your business, click here to schedule your free 30-minute discovery call today!

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