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creating a podcast

3 Actionable Tips for Creating a Podcast that Will Grow Your Online Business

Creating a podcast for your business is a strategic and necessary way to grow and scale your business. Every business needs long-form content since it’s evergreen – it will live on forever. However, to see a return on investment (ROI) from your podcast, there are some things you must do before ever recording your first episode. Keep reading to learn my top three tips for creating a podcast that will grow your online business.

Creating a Podcast that Fits Your Current Season of Life

creating a podcast

Before you start the process of creating a podcast, you must consider what type of podcast will best fit your needs. You can create two types of podcasts: a traditional podcast or a private one. Both are very powerful marketing tools and share some similarities, but they are vastly different. I discuss the differences between a private and public or traditional podcast and how to determine which is best for you in Episode 21 of the Mama Turned Mompreneur podcast. As a quick overview:

Traditional Podcast:

  • Available to the public
  • Can be searched for on all podcasting platforms (i.e., Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.)
  • Requires ongoing maintenance
  • Requires weekly content (if not a seasonal podcast) and consistency
  • It allows you to establish yourself as the expert in your niche
  • It can be a full-time commitment if you are managing your show yourself.

Private Podcast:

  • Have to “opt-in” to get access to the podcast
  • Great for building your email list since people have to opt-in
  • Allows hosts to create exclusive content for their target audience
  • Doesn’t require ongoing maintenance (if a one-and-done type of podcast; if monthly, then requires minimal maintenance)
  • It allows you to establish yourself as the expert in your niche
  • Versatile: Can be used as a lead magnet or a paid offer (Check out Episode 25 and Episode 27 to learn more)
  • It doesn’t require much of your time

Looking at your current season of life (and business), realistically, which type of podcast can you commit to right now? If you’re not ready to show up weekly or seasonally, then a private podcast would be a better option. You don’t want to start a traditional podcast and ghost your audience, becoming another podfade. Figuring out which type of podcast you should launch isn’t something you have to do on your own. When my clients decide to move forward with working with me, I help them decide on which type of podcast they should launch. If you are looking for 1:1 support with launching your podcast, schedule a call with me, so we can get your podcast launched.

Creating a Podcast with a Clear Niche

creating a podcast

Before creating a podcast for your business, you must decide who you’re serving and how you will serve them with your podcast. Your podcast is not a hobby or your live journal. When creating a podcast for your business, you are using it as a marketing tool and as part of your sales funnel. The whole purpose is to build trust with your ideal clients, reach them on a larger scale, demonstrate your ability to address their pain points and tell them about your offers that can solve their problems.

You can’t create content that speaks to your ideal clients if you don’t know who you’re serving or how you are serving them. And if you’re not clear in your messaging, you won’t see an ROI, and you will end up giving up on your podcast. If you have niched down in your business, this should not be difficult. But if you haven’t niched down, check out Episode 4 of the Mama Turned Mompreneur podcast. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you start thinking about what you should niche in:

  • Who is your ideal client (e.g., are they married, do they have kids, how old are they, etc.)?
  • What is their biggest struggle right now?
  • What services can you offer to help them overcome this struggle?

Niche down before creating your podcast. Often when my clients come to me, they have a laundry list of ideas for their podcast. Part of the process of working with me is that I help my clients get clear on who they are serving and how they will serve them with their podcast. I also make sure that this is clear throughout every aspect of their podcast. If you need help with getting clarity on your niche for your podcast, book a call with me.

Creating a Podcast with SEO at the Forefront

creating a podcast

Creating a podcast with SEO in mind is critical to your show’s success. SEO is essential for searchability and podcast ranking. I found this blog by Neil Patel that shares some great tips for making your podcast SEO friendly. You want your podcast to be searchable on all podcasting platforms and in Google because it impacts whether or not your content is getting in front of your ideal clients. To ensure your podcast is SEO friendly, you should use keywords for your podcast title and episode titles, podcast description (the overall description of your podcast), and show notes. You should also be saying the keywords in your episodes (Google has a handy tool that can pull out keywords from the audio of your podcast episodes).

I also wrote a blog on 3 ways to boost your podcast SEO that share some practical tips for creating a podcast that is SEO-friendly. My friend Mikayla Taylor also shares some great tips on improving your website’s SEO, which can be applied to writing show notes. The main point is that you should research keywords before recording any episode or writing show notes. The goal is to drive traffic back to your website to increase your visibility and get your offers in front of your ideal clients.


Before creating a podcast, you must consider three important things: which type of podcast is best for you and your business (be real with yourself about your current capacity), who you want to serve and how you want to serve them, and podcast SEO.

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you are ready to launch your podcast and you want support with launching a traditional or private podcast, click here to schedule a call with me today!

creating a podcast

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