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Want to Start Leveraging Bundles for Email List Growth? Do These 3 Things BEFORE Applying for Your First Bundle [Episode 144]

email list growth

Listen to today’s episode on Want to Start Leveraging Bundles for Email List Growth? Do These 3 Things BEFORE Applying for Your First Bundle:

Hey, Mama! Are you ready to start applying for bundle collaborations for email list growth? If you truly want to see significant email list growth through bundles, there are three things you need to do to prepare before you start applying for bundles. In today’s episode, I break down the three things you must do before you apply to your first bundle. When you take the time to implement these three strategies, you will see better results from your bundle collaborations and have your dream clients join your email list.

Main Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • How I supported one of my Life in Seasons Coaching clients with preparing to apply to her first bundle
  • The three things you must do before applying to your first bundle
  • Why preparing before applying to a bundle is important for seeing email list growth through bundles

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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email list growth

How to Leverage Bundles for Email List Growth

Whether you host your own bundle or contribute to a bundle, you will see significant email list growth. Bundles are a great way to collaborate with other entrepreneurs who serve the same or similar audience as you. They get you in front of more of your ideal clients and allow you to expand your network. As mompreneurs, we have to prioritize email list growth. Growing and monetizing your email list is a low energy strategy for mompreneurs. It gives you the time freedom you need as a mama running a business with little ones at home. Before you contribute to your first bundle, there are some things you want to do to ensure you have the most success in growing your email list.

Bundles for Email List Growth: 3 Things to Do BEFORE Applying for Your First Bundle

Validate the Resource You’re Planning to Contribute to the Bundle

The first rule about bundles is that the resource you contribute must be of high value and is either a paid offer or isn’t a freebie. If you want to see significant email list growth, you must validate the resource you’re planning to contribute. Now, if you are contributing something that you currently offer as a paid resource and you know it’s something that your target audience truly wants, then you’re good to go. If you are creating a new resource, you want to do some market research and validate it to ensure it’s something your target audience wants and needs.

Side Note: If you are new to bundles or aren’t sure where and how to get started, I have a few resources for you.

  • Listen to Episode 99, where I share my experience with hosting my first bundle, how I got started with participating in bundles, and how I grew my email list to over 1000 subscribers through bundle collaborations
  • Listen to Episode 112, where I share more about how to get started with bundle collaborations
  • Grab my Social Media Detox Toolkit. It breaks down how to effectively leverage bundles, podcast guesting, and speaking engagements to increase your visibility and generate leads. Use this link to get over 65% off on the Social Media Detox Toolkit.

Make Sure Your Resource Funnels into a Specific Offer

You will see conversions from bundle collaborations when the resource you contribute is tied to the offer you want to convert your new subscribers into. The easiest way to do this is to start with the end in mind. What offer or program do you want to sell to these new subscribers? Start there and then decide on what will be the best resource to contribute to a bundle.

Set Up an Email Funnel for Your Bundle Contribution (not just a Welcome Email)

One mistake many business owners make when they collaborate in bundles is not setting up a welcome sequence. When someone joins your email list, it is a huge deal because they are your warmest leads. So, you want to lay out the red carpet for them when they join your email community. A welcome sequence or nurture sequence allows you to do just that. Over the span of 7-8 days (more if you want), you will send out a series of emails to your new subscribers. These emails serve a few purposes. They give your subscribers an introduction to you, establish your expertise, give lots of free value, and introduce them to your offer.

You don’t want to skip the welcome sequence because it begins the nurturing process. Not everyone will convert into your offer while going through the welcome sequence. However, it does create offer awareness. Offer awareness will put you at the top of your subscribers’ minds when they need your services in the future.

Bundles are Effective for Email List Growth When Leveraged Correctly

Participating in bundles can help you boost your email list growth when backed with strategy. It’s important to have a clear plan when participating in bundles. You want to be intentional and do the work before you start applying for bundles. This will ensure that you are contributing resources that will actually support with email list growth. I can support you with getting started with bundles for email list growth inside the Social Media Detox Toolkit here.

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