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Listen to today’s episode on Business Productivity Hacks for Work from Home Moms:

Hey, Mama! Are you tired of feeling like you can’t get work done with your kids at home? You know that there is more you should be doing in your business to start hitting your goals, but you don’t have the time or capacity to do more. In today’s episode, I’m sharing four business productivity hacks for work from home moms. These hacks are not your typical nap time hustle, but more effective ways for you to start getting more done while working less in your business.

Main Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Why traditional productivity hacks are not optimal for work from home moms
  • Effective business productivity hacks for moms
  • Ways to simplify your business to maximize your productivity

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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business productivity

4 Ways to Increase Business Productivity as a Work from Home Mom

Let’s be real, trying to get work done with our littles at home is not easy. The nap time hustle is a joke when your toddler decides to skip their nap or drops their naps altogether. Getting up before the kids wake up isn’t always an option because you need rest, too. Staying up late may not work out if your baby is going through a sleep regression, they’re teething, etc. With all of that unpredictability, when are you supposed to actually work in your business? Keep reading to learn four ways to increase your business productivity as a work from home mom.

Stop Holding Yourself to Unrealistic Expectations

Are you holding yourself to expectations that aren’t realistic for your current season of life? This looks like feeling pressured to respond immediately to client emails and messages as soon as they arrive. The reality is that if you’re constantly starting and stopping on a task you’re working on to respond to your client, that decreases your productivity. Something that would normally take you 15-20 minutes is now taking you double the amount of time. If you want to increase your business productivity, you have to silence the distractions and focus on the task at hand. Often, this urgency to immediately respond to clients is our own doing. We want to make sure our clients have an incredible experience working with us. Not responding to your client immediately will not cause them to have a horrible experience working with you.

Stop Overcomplicating Your Offers

If your offer consists of multiple Zoom calls per month and a bunch of deliverables, then you may be overcomplicating your offers. Sometimes, less is more. If you’re constantly on Zoom calls, then it’s no surprise that your business productivity is down. Instead of offering several Zoom calls a month, offer fewer calls and add in additional support between calls via Voxer. You get to set your business up in a way that works for you and your current season of life. Look at how you can serve your clients well while simplifying your business. How can you decrease the number of deliverables included in your offer without sacrificing its value? Think outside of the box.

Have a Weekly CEO Day

If you want to increase your business productivity, you need a weekly CEO day. A weekly CEO day will allow you to prioritize your business so you can start hitting your goals. The key to making a weekly CEO day a reality is to ask for help from your support system. If you’re not sure how to get started with CEO days, you can download my FREE productivity planner, The Productive CEO Mama Blueprint. This planner will help you plan your weeks for more business productivity without working 24/7 in your business.

Stop Overstuffing Your Task List

Adding more to your plate will not increase your productivity. If anything, it will slow you down because you will be drowning in tasks. You have to be realistic about your current capacity and what you can realistically get done on a daily basis. What are the top three tasks you need to get down daily? What are your top priorities for the week? It’s time to stop creating a laundry list of tasks. Instead, you should focus on the main things you need to get done. The Productive CEO Mama Blueprint supports with helping you figure out what tasks you should be focusing on in your business daily. Make sure to download the FREE planner here!

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