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Whether you’re a mom new to the online business world or on the fence about starting an online business, one thought that has crossed your mind is how to find clients. The reality is that without paying clients, our businesses are nothing more than hobbies. Instead of wondering how to find clients, keep reading to learn three ways to find clients now as a new mompreneur.

how to find clients

How to Find Clients Now: 3 Ways to Find Clients as a Work from Home Mom

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a gold mine for finding clients quickly. With so many Facebook groups available for every industry under the sun, it makes it easy to find clients. The key to finding clients in Facebook groups is to make sure you join groups where your target audience hangs out.

How to Find Clients in Facebook Groups

You will find many job opportunities when you join Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out. People will post job opportunities in these Facebook groups, which you can easily apply for. Sometimes, these job opportunities may be masked as someone describing a specific need. Whether it’s an actual job posting or someone sharing about a need they have that you can fulfill, you want to make sure you stand out and make a lasting impression when interacting with the potential client. Another strategy is to search Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out for keywords related to your niche. This will bring up posts with potential job opportunities you may have missed. 

Share About Your Business on Your Personal Social Media Accounts

If you don’t tell people you have a business, no one will know you have one. When you launch your online business, share about it on your personal Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. You may find that people you know are looking for your services, or they can refer you to someone they know. It can feel uncomfortable and somewhat vulnerable to share about our businesses with our friends and family, but it will truly benefit you in the long run. Since the pandemic, so many people have started online businesses, so you may be surprised to discover that people you know personally are also entrepreneurs.

how to find clients

Reach Out to Your Professional Network

When I joined the online business years ago, trying to figure out how to find clients, it never dawned on me to reach out to my professional network. If you went to college, had a 9-5, or were part of any professional organizations before pursuing entrepreneurship, you have a professional network you can reach out to. Letting your network know what you are now doing can open up doors of opportunities for you. They can connect you with someone who may need your expertise, or they may require your services themselves. Again, you must let people know about your online business and that you currently have client openings. 

Recap of How to Find Clients Now as a Work from Home Mom

The three ways to quickly find clients as a mom working from home are: 

  1. Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out.
  2. Letting your family and friends know about your business by sharing about it on your personal social media accounts.
  3. Reaching out to your professional network and letting them know about your business.

These three strategies are effective for finding clients quickly, especially when you are just starting out in the online space and need to find clients now. 

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    how to find clients

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