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podcast topics to talk about

One question that holds many entrepreneurs back from starting a podcast or makes it hard for them to stay consistent with their podcast is: what do I talk about on my podcast? Choosing podcast topics to talk about on your podcast doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. It’s actually a lot easier than you might think. After reading this blog, you will walk away knowing how to never run out of podcast topics so you can consistently and confidently show up on your podcast.

Why You Feel Like You Don’t Have Podcast Content Ideas

Whether you’re a new or seasoned podcaster, you most likely know podcasting is a different way of creating content. Podcasting is nothing like creating content for Instagram. Since it is long-form content, you have to approach it differently than you would a 15 second reel. This is one aspect of podcasting that can cause you to feel a block when creating content. 

You may also be worried about breaking any “podcasting rules.” Yes, you want your podcast content to be conversational, but you don’t want to sound like you’re rambling. Then there’s the question, “What do my listeners actually want to hear about on the podcast? Are these podcast topics that they actually want to learn about?”

All of this can cause you to get in your head and cause analysis paralysis, which can result in you not taking action. The reality is that you have content ideas all around you. When you are clear on who you’re serving and how you are serving them through your podcast, the podcast topics will easily flow. I ask those two questions when working with my Podcast Content Planning VIP Experience clients because it gives me so much rich information for mapping out podcast content for them.

podcast topics to talk about

How to Never Run Out of Podcast Topics to Talk About

Running out of podcast topics to talk about on your podcast doesn’t have to be your reality. There are content ideas all around. You just have to know what to focus on, what questions to ask, and where to look. Here are 3 ways my clients and I don’t ever run out of podcast topics to talk about.

The Podcast for Profit INCOME Framework

My Podcast for Profit INCOME Framework walks you through creating podcast content that will build your thought leadership and nurture and convert your listeners into paid offers and programs. The framework has four parts that are great for helping you come up with a never-ending list of podcast content ideas. This is the exact process I take when planning podcast content for my Podcast Content Planning VIP Experience clients.

I: Intentions

The first part of the framework is intentions. Ask yourself the following:

  • What is the purpose of your podcast?
  • What are your podcast goals?
  • Why did you create this podcast?

Answering these questions will give you clarity on what to focus on in your podcast content. 

N: Niche

The next part of the framework is niche – who are you serving through this podcast? When you know who you are serving and how you are serving them with your podcast, it makes it easier to create content. You are creating content for your ideal listener, so ask yourself:

  • What does my ideal listener need to be educated on?
  • What does my ideal listener need to hear to take action on each episode?
  • What misconceptions does my ideal listener have about my industry and what I do?

C: Connect

How are you building a deeper connection with your podcast listeners? Do you infuse your personality into your episodes? Are you incorporating storytelling into your podcast content? Sharing personal stories and client stories is a great way to help you generate podcast topic ideas.

E: Earn

When you create a podcast as part of your visibility and marketing strategy, selling on your podcast is a top priority. The key to effectively selling on your podcast is making sure the podcast content directly connects to the specific offer you’re promoting. Questions you can ask yourself to help you generate content ideas are:

  • What does my listener need to be educated on about this specific offer?
  • What transformation does this offer help people achieve?
  • Who is and is not a good fit for this offer?
  • What do my listeners need to know and believe to understand that this offer is right for them?
podcast topics to talk about

FAQs and Questions Asked About Your Offers and Industry

Another way to generate podcast topics to talk about is by going through your frequently asked questions. Questions that you are asked repeatedly make great content for your podcast. Once you create the episode and receive the question again, you can direct people to the podcast episode in which you answer the question. You can also go through your DM conversations and emails to see what questions have come up while talking with a potential client. If one person asked it, then most likely others in your audience have those same questions. 

Client Feedback and Interactions

Your former and current clients are the best people to seek inspiration from for podcast content. If they were dream clients to work with and you want to attract more clients like them, then you need to look to them for podcast content ideas. You can generate podcast topic ideas from your former and current clients by:

  • Going through feedback forms and testimonials. What themes do you see related to their before and after working with you? What words do they use to describe you and working with you?
  • What problems have you helped your clients work through? What was the process?
  • What specific questions have your clients asked you when working 1:1 with them?

Answering these questions can help you generate so many great podcast topics to talk about on your podcast.

After you go through each of these exercises, you will come up with months’ worth of podcast content that will connect to your podcast goals. If you still feel stuck or want additional support with mapping out podcast content that converts, submit your application for the Podcast Content Planning VIP Experience. Inside this offer, I will map out 3 or 6 months’ worth of podcast content for you, including keywords for each episode and more. 

podcast topics to talk about

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