Private Podcasting: 4 Ways to Strategically Use a Private Podcast in Your Business [Episode 93]

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Listen to today’s episode on Private Podcasting: 4 Ways to Strategically Use a Private Podcast in Your Business

Episode Description:

Private podcasting is often an underrated marketing strategy for your business. A private podcast can be used in so many ways to grow your business and attract clients. In today’s episode, I’m sharing four ways private podcasting can be used strategically in your business.

Main Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • 4 ways to use private podcasts in your business
  • Ways private podcasting has benefitted my business
  • Tips and strategies for creating your private podcast

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

Episode Timestamp:

[00:04:45] New offer announcement: Podcast Content Planning Power Hour

[00:07:08] Use your private podcast to grow your email list

[00:10:46] Use private podcasts for bundle contributions

[00:13:45] Use private podcasts to launch a new offer or program

[00:16:40] Use private podcasts for tripwires or upsells

[00:20:43] Episode recap

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