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You’ve had launching a podcast on your vision board for quite some time, but now you’re wondering if it’s the best time to launch a podcast. Trust me, I get it. Adding a podcast to your plate as a busy mompreneur can feel overwhelming, especially since podcasting is a time commitment. Keep reading to learn when is the best time to launch a podcast as a mompreneur, and to see if now is the time for you to add a podcast to your business.

best time to launch a podcast

When is the Best Time to Launch a Podcast as a Mompreneur?

Your Business is Established

The best time to launch a podcast as a mompreneur is when you have an established business. An established business is one in which you have at least one validated offer that has yielded results for your clients. You don’t have to wait until you hit 6-figures in business or you’ve served hundreds of clients to start a podcast. However, you do want to make sure that you have a set offer in which you have supported clients. Your podcast will be used to funnel listeners into your paid offers and programs, so you want to make sure that you have an offer that you know your community wants and needs. Without a validated offer, you will not see the conversions you desire through your podcast.

You are Clear on Your Messaging

Does your messaging resonate with your ideal clients? Because messaging is a major part of your content strategy, you have to be speaking the language your dream clients are speaking. The best time to launch a podcast is when you know that your messaging is spot on and speaks to the hearts of your ideal clients. If not, your podcast content will not attract your dream clients, and your listeners will not convert into your paid offers and programs. This doesn’t mean that your messaging has to be “perfect.” Our messaging evolves as we grow as mompreneurs, trends change, and the online space changes. The main thing is to ensure that your messaging is attracting your ideal clients so that can reflect in your podcast content.

You’ve Been a Podcast Guest

Podcasting is a different way of creating content and is a skill you have to learn. Starting a podcast is much easier if you have experience with being behind a microphone. The best time to launch a podcast is when you have guested on a few podcasts. This allows you to determine if you even enjoy podcasting. Far too often, people start podcasts because it sounds fun and then realize that they hate creating content in this format. An easier solution would be to be a podcast guest to see if this is how you enjoy creating content. Being a podcast guest allows you to get familiar with recording podcast content. You can also learn from the podcast hosts whose podcasts you guest on. Having some podcasting experience as a podcast guest will help you feel more confident launching your podcast.

You’re Ready to Simplify Your Content Creation

Whether you’re ready to get off the Instagram hamster wheel or want to spend less time creating content, it may be time to consider podcasting. The best time to launch a podcast for your business is when you’re ready to streamline your content creation process. Because podcasts are long-form content, they are perfect for content repurposing. You can take the main points from your podcast episodes and turn them into blog posts, social media posts, emails to your list, and more. Content repurposing also allows you to create cohesiveness in your messaging across platforms. So, your audience will be exposed to your messaging in various formats and multiple times. 

Is Now the Best Time to Launch a Podcast?

If you have these foundational pieces in place, then it is the best time to launch a podcast. Podcasts are an amazing marketing tool for mompreneurs because you can get in front of more of your ideal clients and simplify your content creation process. If you’re ready to start your podcast, join me for the 7 Day Pod Launch Get It Done Week. In 7 days, we will launch your podcast so you can start attracting your dream clients on autopilot. Click here to learn more.

best time to launch a podcast

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