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offer isn’t selling

Listen to today’s episode on What to Do When You’re Doing Everything Right but You’re Offer isn’t Selling:

Hey, Mama! If you’ve ever been in a season of business where you feel like you’re doing everything right, but your offer isn’t selling, you are not alone. I was just here January 2023. Not receiving that external validation that your offer is exactly what your community needs can be frustrating. In today’s episode, I share all about what you actually need to do when your offer isn’t selling and the importance of embracing delayed gratification as a mompreneur.

Main Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • What to do when your offer isn’t selling, even when you are doing everything right
  • Why you should embrace delayed gratification as a mompreneur
  • Strategies to implement when your offer isn’t selling

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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offer isn’t selling

Your Offer isn’t Selling, Now What?

If your offer isn’t selling, a business coach may tell you that you have a messaging problem, you aren’t selling enough, or your offer isn’t what your audience wants. But what if you’ve done market research to clarify your messaging and validate your offer? What if you are selling consistently every day and still not seeing results? The issue may not be any of those things. The real issue may be that you’re not giving your strategy enough time to work.

As a society, we expect instant gratification, and this can trickle into entrepreneurship. Sometimes, we expect that after creating one piece of content and selling our offers, we should have a flood of DMs and emails from people inquiring about our services. That is not a realistic expectation. When we are new to the online space, we have to build up our authority and create offer awareness. Here are four things you should do when your offer isn’t selling:

Continue to Show Up Even When Your Offer isn’t Selling

Keep showing up for your community, engaging with them, and talking about your offers. This is how you create offer awareness. Even if you are working on your messaging or tweaking your offer, don’t stop talking about it. You want to be top of mind for the people in your community, and that is done by reminding them of how you can support them. Even if no one is responding to your emails, engaging with your content, or sending you DMs about your latest podcast episode, they are still watching. They are taking in what you’re saying. Some people won’t engage with your content until they know they are ready to buy.

Give Your Strategy Time to Work

If your offer isn’t selling, have you given your strategy enough time to work? When we implement a new strategy, it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for you to see results. You have to be consistent with the strategy and truly give it time to work. If you’ve only implemented your strategy for a short amount of time and you haven’t done it consistently, then that’s probably why your offer isn’t selling. The best thing you can do is pick two strategies and implement them consistently for at least 90 days.

Make Sure You Have an Audience to Sell to

You can have the perfect offer and messaging, but your offer still won’t sell because you don’t have an audience to sell to. Just because you create the offer doesn’t mean the right people will come. You have to get in front of your ideal clients. Part of your strategy needs to include generating new leads. Hang out where your ideal clients are hanging out. Leverage other business owners’ audiences through collaborations, so you can ensure you are getting in front of the right people. If you have long-form content, make sure you are leveraging SEO to ensure your content is getting in front of the right people. Focus on lead generation as much as you are on selling your offers.

Have Conversations with Your Community

Talking to the people in your community or with those who are your ideal clients plays a huge role in whether or not your offer is selling. Having these conversations or doing market research allows you to validate your offer and capture the language your ideal client is using. In order to see conversions, your messaging and content have to resonate with your ideal clients, and market research helps you do just that. Instead of guessing or assuming what your ideal client is thinking, ask them directly.

There are so many nuances that go into why your offer isn’t selling. One factor that is often overlooked is not giving your strategy enough time due to setting unrealistic expectations. This is why in Life in Seasons 1:1 Coaching, we do market research first to validate the offer and clarify messaging. From there, we choose at least two platforms to share strategic content (we don’t put all our content eggs in one basket). We consistently implement the strategy and give it time to work. Lastly, we work on elevating our mindset by setting realistic expectations. If you’re looking for high-level coaching support, click here to learn more.

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